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Antipodean RI symposium

Symposium dates: August 26 – August 27 (two half-days)

Location: Online via ZOOM

Timezone: GMT + 10 (Canberra, Brisbane time)

Below you will find the draft program. Updates to the program will be added on this webpage.

Talk times: Unless otherwise noted, individual talks run for ten minutes with five minutes Q&A. At the end of each session, time has been allocated for a short panel discussion with all presenters.

Abstracts for the talks are available here.

26 August 2021

Session 1: Opening [9:00am to 10:30am] 
  • 9.00am: Arrival
  • 9.05am: Introduction from Associate Professor Sujatha Raman
  • 9.30am: Keynote from Professor Ruth Wallace with Q&A
Break [10:30am to 10:45am] 
  • Coffee and tea time
Session 2: Part one of Perspectives on RI in the Antipodes [10.45am to 11.45am]
  • Panel session. Exploring Responsible Innovation in the Aotearoa New Zealand Science System (Suzanne Manning, Susanna Finlay-Smits, Mat Walton, Peter Edwards, Martin Espig) 
Break [11.45am to 12:30pm] 
  • Lunch time
Session 3: RI and design [12:30pm to 2:00pm] 
  • Indigenous-led science innovation (Cathy Robinson, Ricky Archer, Landon Brady, Lee Bevan, Troy Casey, Chrissy Grant, Rob Barton, Tim Kastelle, Shane Kennelly, Taryn Kong, Julie-ann Lambourne, Emma Lee, Justin Perry, Murray Saylor, Jade Ritchie, Ruth Wallace)
  • Applying responsible algorithm design to neighbourhood-scale batteries in Australia (Hedda Ransan-Cooper and Bjorn Strumberg)
  • Synthesising Participatory Design, Human Centred Engineering and Community Development for Responsible Innovation Practice: Engineers Without Borders Australia’s Technology Development Approach (Angus Mitchell and Jeremy Smith)
  • Mapping Yuin Dreaming as resistance in the Anthropocene (Sam Provost)

27 August 2021

Session 4: Zones of intervention for RI [9:00am to 10.15am] 
  • Public Interest Science and Activism: Histories and Genealogies of Responsibility and the Society for Social Responsibility in Science (Matthew Kearnes and Darrin Durant)
  • Located response-abilities in technology production: Reimagining the role of social scientists in responsible research and innovation (Karly Burch and Katharine Legun)
  • Building a common language for interdisciplinary responsible innovation: A ‘responsible quantum’ case study from Australia (Tara Roberson)
Break [10:15am to 10:30am] 
  • Coffee and tea time
Session 5: Part two of Perspectives on RI in the Antipodes [10:30am to 11:15am]
  • Responsible Innovation: Perceptions from within Australia’s national science agency (Rebecca Coates, Rod McCrea, Elizabeth Hobman)
  • Antipodean responsible innovation: integrating Asian perspectives and implications for the Asia-Pacific region (John Noel Viana)
Break [11:15am to 11:30am] 
  • Coffee and tea time
Session 6: Regulation and public policy for RI [11:30am to 1:00pm] 
  • The Problem of Automating Justice: Understanding the intersection of RI and human rights in the Antipodean (Amelia Radke and David Douglas)
  • Applying Responsible Innovation Frameworks to Local Food Movements in Australia & the Pimeria Alta: The role of marks and designations (Chris Sauer and Allison Fish)
  • Can Antipodean RRI be a responsible ‘policy innovation’ in innovation policy? (Fabien Medvecky and Kristiann Allen)
  • Upstream without a paddle: RRI’s missing cooperatives (Declan Kuch)
Break [1:00pm to 1:30pm] 
  • Lunch time
Session 7: Wrap-up [1:30pm to 2:00pm] 
  • Wrap-up session and next steps led by the organisers
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